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For companies who want to improve the quality of emotional intelligence

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    Finding your topics

    If you are an organization that cares for your employees’ well-being, invite coach Ieva and let’s discuss which topics are the most important currently for your teams and let’s design a valuable workshop by coach Ieva on life-work balance, boundaries management, or emotional intelligence topics – empower your teams!

    How will your organization benefit

    • employees will gain a common understanding of the topic;
    • employees will gain tips and solutions to specific questions;
    • employees will know how to keep healthy boundaries;
    • employees will know how to communicate effectively;
    • employees will know how to manage emotions;
    • employees will know how to be more balanced in life.

    For whom

    companies that care for employees
    organizations who value employee’s well being
    companies who want to improve the quality of employees` emotional intelligence
    universities to give students the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals

    What to expect

    The program will be tailored to the company’s needs and we will agree on the topics and length of the workshop or seminar. Depending on the needs, workshops may include individual or group exercises, group discussions, and lectures.

    The program may be delivered in Latvian or English languages and on sight or online, please consider booking a workshop at least a month in advance of your preferred date.

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