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Executive coaching

Organizations can improve the leadership skills of their executives

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    What does it mean

    Executive coaching is a professional development process in which a coach Ieva works one-on-one with an executive, manager, or other high-level professionals to help achieve specific goals and improve leadership and management skills. Executive coaching can cover a wide range of topics, including enhancing communication skills, building relationships, managing stress, and improving decision-making abilities.

    Why would you need executive coaching

    Coach Ieva will provide guidance, support, and feedback to help you identify areas for improvement, set achievable goals, and develop strategies to overcome challenges and achieve success. Executive coaching can be a powerful tool for accelerating career growth, improving job performance, and enhancing overall personal and professional satisfaction.

    What are the benefits

    By investing in executive coaching, organizations can improve the leadership skills of their executives, which can in turn improve employee engagement and retention.

    Executive coaching can help leaders and managers develop the skills and competencies needed to lead and manage effectively, such as communication, decision-making, problem-solving.

    Executive coaching can help leaders and managers identify areas for improvement and develop action plans to enhance their performance. This can lead to improved productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

    For whom

    high-level professionals

    What to expect

    This tool involves gathering feedback from a variety of sources, such as colleagues, direct reports, and supervisors, to provide the executive with a comprehensive view of their strengths and areas for improvement.

    Executive coaches often work with their clients to establish specific, measurable goals that align with the organization’s objectives and the executive’s own career aspirations.

    After setting goals, the executive coach works with the client to develop a plan of action that outlines specific steps the executive can take to achieve their goals.

    These tools allow executives to practice new skills and behaviors in a safe environment and receive feedback on their performance.

    Executive coaches provide ongoing feedback to their clients and encourage them to reflect on their experiences and learn from their successes and failures.

    Executive coaches hold their clients accountable for following through on their action plans and achieving their goals.

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