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Work-life balance, how to find it?

Work-life balance

Work-life balance in today’s fast-paced world has become a paramount challenge for many individuals. Juggling professional commitments and personal responsibilities can leave us feeling drained and overwhelmed. However, by implementing some practical strategies, you can create a more harmonious and fulfilling life. Let’s explore key steps to achieving work-life balance and maintaining your overall well-being  through the story of Jessica.

Jessica‘s Story: 

Meet Jessica, a 40-year-old woman juggling a full-time job and raising two children. Let’s explore how  implemented practical strategies to achieve work-life balance and maintain her overall well-being.

Setting boundaries

Setting boundaries has been an essential cornerstone of Jessica’s transformative journey towards achieving work-life balance. As a devoted mother and dedicated professional, she intuitively recognized the paramount importance of establishing clear guidelines between her work and personal life. Jessica knew that in order to be the best version of herself both at home and in her career, she needed to strike a harmonious balance between these integral aspects of her life.

Jessica made it a point to communicate her carefully crafted working hours to her employer. By setting these expectations upfront, she fostered an environment that respected her need for dedicated family time during evenings and weekends. Embracing the power of open communication, Jessica ensured that her colleagues and supervisors understood her commitment to her family, enabling her to fully immerse herself in cherished moments with her loved ones without the constant shadow of job responsibilities.

Here are 4 practical tips how to set expectations effectively: 

Tip #1
Communicate Openly: Foster open communication with your team members. Clearly discuss your expectations and encourage them to share their input, concerns, and ideas. This will create a collaborative and transparent work environment.

Tip #2
Set Performance Standards: Establish performance standards that outline the quality of work, expected output, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for each role. Regularly review these standards with your team to keep everyone on track.

Tip #3
Be Consistent: Consistency is essential when setting expectations. Ensure that you apply the same standards to all team members to maintain fairness and equality.

Tip #4
Provide Clear Guidelines: Offer guidelines and resources to support your team in meeting expectations. This could include providing training, tools, or access to necessary information.

And this TEDx talk offers another angle on expectations and answers a question: “Why are we getting richer but not happier?“ 


Personal tip from Coach Ieva!

Business needs and circumstances change, so be open to adjusting expectations when necessary. Stay flexible and be willing to adapt your approach as the situation evolves. 

Time boundaries

Creating designated times for work-related tasks was a game-changer for Jessica. She skillfully managed her daily work responsibilities, optimizing her productivity during work hours and allocating specific moments for personal time with her family. By doing so, Jessica felt a newfound sense of freedom and balance, as she could be fully present for her children’s milestones, family outings, and engaging conversations without the pressing weight of work-related stressors.

In the evenings, Jessica gracefully transitioned from her role as a hardworking professional to that of a nurturing mother, leaving behind any lingering work-related concerns. With her mind at ease, she relished in quality time with her children, helping with homework, engaging in playful activities, and indulging in heart-to-heart talks that nurtured their emotional connection. The weekends became sacred opportunities for family bonding, where adventures were embarked upon, laughter echoed throughout the household, and unforgettable memories were etched into their hearts forever.

Jessica’s dedication to setting boundaries not only brought balance to her life but also resonated with her family in profound ways. Her children witnessed the importance of valuing personal time and the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. These invaluable life lessons have helped shape their own understanding of the delicate harmony between professional pursuits and personal fulfillment.

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The importance of self-care

As a working mother, Jessica wholeheartedly understood the significance of self-care in managing the multifaceted responsibilities of her daily life. Amidst the hustle and bustle of work deadlines and tending to her children’s needs, Jessica carved out precious moments for herself during her lunch breaks. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through her phone or eating at her desk, she chose to go for a refreshing stroll outdoors, immersing herself in the beauty of nature and allowing her mind to momentarily unwind.

Tip #1

Practice mindfulness: In addition to her rejuvenating lunchtime walks, Jessica diligently incorporated mindfulness exercises into her routine. Taking just a few minutes to practice deep breathing and engage in mindfulness meditation, she found herself better equipped to navigate the inevitable challenges that came her way. This mindful pause acted as a reset button, granting her the clarity and mental fortitude needed to approach her work tasks and family responsibilities with renewed focus and calm.

Here is a short 5 min meditation you can listen to anytime anywhere:

Personal tip from Coach Ieva

Breath is a unique tool that we have always with us – and it`s one of the most powerful and effective in regulating our emotions. All reasons to give it a try. Here is a simple and easy breathing exercise shorter than 5min. 

Tip #2

Exercise regularly: Recognizing the intrinsic link between physical well-being and emotional resilience, Jessica made it a non-negotiable priority to engage in regular exercise. Whether it was a yoga class after work, a jog in the park, or a high-energy dance workout at home, she cherished these moments as opportunities to not only nurture her body but also to relieve stress and release pent-up tensions. This commitment to her physical health fueled her with vitality and boosted her overall mood, allowing her to approach each aspect of her life with a sense of vibrancy and enthusiasm.

Tip #3

Introduce effective habits: Jessica’s morning routine became a sacred ritual of self-connection and self-care. Before the sun rose, she devoted time to meditate and set positive intentions for the day ahead. This meditative practice helped her cultivate a sense of inner peace and gratitude, which profoundly influenced her outlook on both her professional and personal life. Armed with a sense of centeredness and purpose, Jessica began her day with a sense of empowerment, ready to tackle challenges and embrace the joys of motherhood and her career.

Her self-care practices acted as an anchor, grounding her amidst the ebbs and flows of daily life, and instilling a sense of balance and fulfillment that radiated to every aspect of her life. Jessica’s story serves as an inspiring reminder of the empowering effects of self-care, illuminating the path for other working mothers to embrace their own well-being and lead lives brimming with vitality, resilience, and joy.

Use technology wisely 

Unplug from work during family time

Jessica skillfully embraced the blessings of modern technology as a powerful tool to amplify her work-life balance. The advent of remote work options proved to be a game-changer in her journey, granting her the flexibility to attend her children’s school events, recitals, and important milestones without sacrificing her professional commitments. Whether it was cheering her daughter during a school play or being there to witness her son’s first soccer goal, Jessica treasured these precious moments that filled her heart with joy and deepened her bond with her children.

Avoid the pitfalls

Yet, amidst the convenience and accessibility of remote work, Jessica also recognized the potential pitfalls of constant connectivity. She understood that being perpetually plugged into her work beyond business hours could jeopardize the quality time she shared with her family. With astute mindfulness, she made a conscious decision to establish boundaries, setting a clear delineation between work and personal life. During family gatherings, she gracefully hit the pause button on work-related notifications, ensuring that her undivided attention was devoted to her loved ones. These moments of undistracted connection became the cherished threads weaving the tapestry of her family’s strong bond.

Digital detox

Moreover, Jessica’s conscious efforts to unplug from work during family hours extended to her personal downtime as well. Embracing the concept of digital detox, she set aside designated moments in her week to immerse herself in technology-free activities that nurtured her soul. Whether it was spending time with a captivating book, pursuing her passion for painting, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll in nature, these moments allowed Jessica to disconnect from the digital realm and connect with herself on a deeper level.

Share digital experiences

In the realm of technology, Jessica also found innovative ways to bond with her family. She and her children would engage in creative projects together, be it cooking a new recipe or exploring educational apps as a team. These shared digital experiences not only deepened their bond but also sparked conversations and laughter that forged beautiful memories.

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Work-life balance asks for effective time management

Increasing effectiveness

In the bustling landscape of Jessica’s life, effective time management emerged as a pivotal skill, ensuring that she navigated the delicate balance between her professional commitments and her role as a devoted mother. Recognizing that time was a precious resource, she became adept at setting realistic goals for her work tasks, a practice that alleviated the burden of overwhelming responsibilities. By prioritizing her workload and focusing on completing one task at a time, Jessica found herself better equipped to meet deadlines without succumbing to the stress of multitasking.

Involving family

As a mother who cherished the importance of instilling responsibility and accountability in her children, Jessica ingeniously involved them in creating a family schedule. Collaborating as a team, they mapped out their week, assigning age-appropriate household responsibilities and identifying dedicated moments for family bonding and recreation. This collaborative approach not only lightened Jessica’s load but also fostered a sense of unity and shared ownership within the family. As her children actively contributed to household tasks, they also learned essential life skills, developing a sense of pride and independence that contributed to their overall growth.

Quality time

The family schedule became a cherished blueprint for their collective journey, incorporating both work and play. From family movie nights and outdoor excursions to quiet reading sessions and shared meal preparation, each activity was thoughtfully integrated into their routine. Through this approach, Jessica was able to dedicate quality time to her children while efficiently managing her professional commitments. As a result, her days were filled with laughter and love, and the family bond grew stronger with every passing moment.

Be here and now

As the days unfolded with their intricately woven tapestry of tasks and cherished moments, Jessica found solace in the awareness that life’s true richness lay not in the quantity of time but in the quality of presence she shared with her loved ones. Through her skillful time management, she discovered the art of savoring every experience, finding joy in the little things, and fostering a life that felt both fulfilling and purposeful.

5 Time management tips: 

Tip #1

Defend Your Time 

Defending Your Time by Setting Boundaries: One of the most crucial time management tips is to establish clear boundaries and protect your time from unnecessary interruptions or distractions. Communicate your working hours and availability to colleagues, family members, and friends, making it clear when you need uninterrupted focus on important tasks. Resist the urge to constantly check emails or respond to non-urgent messages during designated work or personal time. By setting these boundaries, you create a conducive environment for productivity and ensure that your time is spent on activities that align with your priorities.

Tip #2

Make Timely Decisions

Making Timely Decisions to Prevent Life from Backing Up: Procrastination can lead to a backlog of tasks, causing stress and overwhelming feelings. Instead, practice making timely decisions to address tasks as they arise. Prioritize quick and straightforward decisions, reducing the chances of tasks piling up and becoming more complex later on. By addressing issues promptly, you can stay ahead of your commitments and maintain a smoother flow in both your personal and professional life.

Tip #3

Conduct a Time Audit 

Conducting a Time Audit to Assess Where You Actually Spend Your Time: Take a closer look at how you allocate your time by conducting a time audit. For a week or two, track how you spend each hour of your day, both at work and during personal time. This will provide you with valuable insights into time-wasting activities, areas where you can optimize efficiency, and identify tasks that need more attention. Analyzing the time audit results allows you to make informed decisions about how to better allocate your time to align with your goals and priorities.

Tip #4

Break it down

Working Out Your Goals and Prioritizing Important Tasks: Define your short-term and long-term goals both personally and professionally. Once you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, prioritize tasks that align with these goals. Break down larger goals into smaller, manageable steps, and focus on completing high-priority tasks first. This helps prevent feeling overwhelmed and ensures that your time is dedicated to activities that move you closer to your objectives.

Tip #5

Focusing on Results

Focusing on Results Rather Than How Busy You Are: Shift your mindset from being busy to being productive. Many people equate a hectic schedule with productivity, but staying busy doesn’t always mean progress. Instead, focus on accomplishing meaningful tasks and producing results. Monitor your achievements and assess whether they align with your goals. By emphasizing results over mere busyness, you can ensure that your time is directed towards actions that bring you closer to personal and professional success.

Here are some practical  time management tips:


Personal Tip From Coach Ieva

Prioritize tasks based on importance and urgency. This tip, often referred to as the “Eisenhower Matrix” or the “Urgent-Important Matrix,” helps high achievers distinguish between what is essential and what is merely urgent. 


To sum up achieving work-life balance is indeed possible, even amidst the demands of a full-time job and raising children. By setting boundaries, prioritizing self-care, leveraging technology wisely, and practicing effective time management, it is possible to create a fulfilling life. Work-life balance is a continuous endeavor that requires adaptation and dedication, but with the right strategies, you too can find equilibrium and cherish every aspect of your life.

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