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Meditation, breathwork, peace, balance

How Meditation Changed My Life, a 10-Year Journey

A story by Kristaps Jansons

Meditation, life changing, breathwork

In an epoch characterized by ceaseless activity and an unremitting quest for achievement, the importance of inner serenity and self-exploration frequently fades into obscurity. Nonetheless, my odyssey has taken a divergent course. It’s amazing to look back to see how meditation and breathwork have changed my life. The exploration of these spiritual disciplines has steered me toward a voyage of self-discovery, unveiling an entirely novel facet of being.

The first time I experienced the power of meditation

I was a student in Denmark, 20 years old, when I heard about a meditation event on Facebook. I decided to go there with my friend Yoana. We both didn’t know what to expect. Arriving there I felt weird and uncomfortable to be there. I had personal fears, mostly, what others would think of me and how silly it is to take part in this spiritual “nonsense”. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try. During the meditation I felt a little glimpse of presence, it felt amazing. At that point, I knew that this was something I should explore more. 

Embracing the path of meditation

I embarked on my expedition by delving into the realms of meditation. I started slow, by doing them once in a while or for periods constantly. After 4 years of doing it rarely and infrequently, I decided that this is not working out. I had studied enough resources to understand that this has to be a regular practice.

I took a 6-month daily meditation subscription and meditated six times a week for 6 months. This introduced me to an entirely fresh domain of self-awareness and tranquility. I acquired the skill of scrutinizing my thoughts and emotions, connecting with my breath, and traversing my inner realm with newfound perspicacity. This marked a radical departure from my former existence, characterized by extrinsic pursuits and materialistic ambitions. The more I immersed myself in these practices, the more a profound sense of serenity and tranquility enveloped me. 

I finally understood what it is about!

A Meditative Journey Inward

Through consistent engagement with meditation, I commenced an exploration of the “portable paradise” concealed within me. These practices became my haven amidst the turmoil of life, shielding me from stress and anxiety. They tutored me to find delight in the present instant, to appreciate the simple act of respiration, and to connect with my innermost self.

How Mediation Changed My Percepcion

Before my spiritual expedition, my perception of joy was largely tethered to external variables—material possessions, societal acclaim, and vocational triumphs. To be fair, they are still there. However, meditation unveiled a distinct perspective. I discerned that authentic joy emanated not from external circumstances but from the depths of my being. This change in comprehension steered me away from transient pleasures and toward a lasting sense of contentment.

One of the most profound transformations I underwent through meditation and breathwork was the capacity to perceive life from an impersonal vantage point. Instead of being swayed by my emotions, I mastered the art of observing them without judgment, comprehending their transient nature. This shift in perspective empowered me to navigate life’s undulations with greater resilience and equanimity.

How Mediation Elevated My Consciousness

Meditation and breathwork instilled in me an elevated level of consciousness. I began to discern subtle shifts in my thoughts and emotions, perceiving the world around me with heightened clarity. This augmented awareness enriched my daily experiences, transforming even mundane tasks into sources of delight and gratification.

Meditation, breathwork, peace, balance


How Meditation Gave Me a Sense of Purpose

My spiritual expedition etched within me a lucid sense of purpose—Self-realization. It became unmistakably evident that the ultimate objective of existence transcended material prosperity, encompassing inner tranquility and self-awareness. This realization directed my choices and actions, guiding me along a path of spiritual growth, self-unveiling, and helping others. 

How Meditation Heightened My Intuition

Meditation and breathwork significantly augmented my intuitive capacities. I’m able to sense energy within me, around me, and in others. I’m not driven by the impulses installed within me by society. I don’t have to please anybody or align with anybody’s expectations to “feel worthy”. I’m able to feel and act in the way that serves me and others the best.

How Meditation Reduced My Anxiety and Anger

One of the most tangible alterations I encountered through meditation was a substantial mitigation of anger and anxiety. These practices equipped me with the proficiency to manage my emotions astutely, responding rather than reacting. Consequently, I found myself becoming more patient and empathetic, fostering healthier and more harmonious relationships.

How Meditation Improved My Relationships

Meditation and breathwork have imparted a favorable influence on my interpersonal connections. I cultivated an approach to relationships characterized by empathy and understanding, recognizing the divine presence within each individual. This shift in approach nurtured deeper connections and meaningful relationships, enriching my life in myriad ways.

How Meditation Made Me a Meditation Teacher

Our consciousness evolves as we meditate. This picture explains the 4 levels of consciousness  that we experience throughout our lives very accurately.

There came a point in my life when I wanted to share these learnings with others. We are all one and by improving ourselves we are raising the human consciousness which will bring us to the next step of evolution. Life is awareness emerging within itself. ‘God’ became part of his own dream and I felt the calling to help others better their lives. This calling embarked me on a path of becoming a meditation teacher, but the growthdidn’tt stop there. There is no final state of evolution, as humans we should be learning and evolving all our lives. 3 years ago I became a breathwork facilitator and now I’m thinking of evolving my practice into a energy healer!

levels of consciousness



It’s amazing to look back and see how meditation changed my life. It has steered me toward the path of self-revelation, self-awareness, and self-actualization. It has enriched my life immeasurably, fostering an inner sense of serenity, elation, and contentment. My expedition stands as a testament to the potency of these spiritual disciplines and their potential to metamorphose lives. As I continue along this path, I am filled with gratitude for the wisdom and enlightenment I have garnered, eagerly anticipating the ongoing growth and transformation that awaits.

Written by Kristaps Jansons, Co-Creator @Flow As One

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